if my tombstone doesn’t say “she went down swinging” I am resurrecting from the dead and fixing it myself

  • harry potter: you're the weak one. you'll never know love, or friendship. and i feel sorry for you.
  • voldemort: i came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now


constantly thinking “wow, i’ve really internalized some toxic shit”

For those of you that don’t know, I’m super hella CRAZY afraid of the dark (legitimately terrified; like my boggart is the dark). Last night the power went out and I couldn’t find my flashlight or my lighter for the emergency candles I have. So I calmly (Dumbledore-in-the-Goblet-of-Fire-movie calmly) went to my room and crawled in bed.

I was so scared, I worked myself into a terrible stomachache and have felt sick all day. Go me.


Meet Marvel comics’ new Thor - she’s not what you’d expect! 

Learn more & see some exclusive art from the upcoming comics serieshttp://bit.ly/1ymF6LN


Marvel is excited to announce an all-new era for the God of Thunder in brand new series, THORwritten by Jason Aaron (Thor: God of ThunderOriginal Sin) complimented with art from Russell Dauterman (Cyclops).

This October, Marvel Comics evolves once again in one of the most shocking and exciting changes ever to shake one of Marvel’s “big three” – Captain American, Iron Man and Thor – Marvel Comics will be introducing an all-new THOR, GOD OF THUNDER. No longer is the classic male hero able to hold the mighty hammer, Mjölnir, a brand new female hero will emerge will who will be worthy of the name THOR. Who is she? Where did she come from and what is her connection to Asgard and the Marvel Universe?

“The inscription on Thor’s hammer reads ‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if HE be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.’ Well it’s time to update that inscription,” says Marvel editor Wil Moss. “The new Thor continues Marvel’s proud tradition of strong female characters like Captain Marvel, Storm, Black Widow and more. And this new Thor isn’t a temporary female substitute - she’s now the one and only Thor, and she is worthy!”


the best 12 seconds of the entire high school musical trilogy

I’m obviously being serious DUDE. Get yours.

I will. Probably just not tonight.